kid tablet grow up

Kids tablet can accompany your child to grow up

Hogwarts is a place for all witches and wizards. Which house would you be sorted into if you would be 11 years old and attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Complete your magical experience with 10 official wallpapers and learn new skills every day.

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The perfect choice for your kid

The HERO tablet could be perfect gift on any occasion - birthday present, preschool graduation, Christmas and etc. Packed in nice gift box with colorful design. HERO tablet is easy to use and set-up. Comes with 10 pre-installed official Warner Bros. licensed wallpapers as well as silicone protective cover. Drop-proof silicone material will prevent tablet from being scratched, bumped or break if you drop it. Cover is made from silicone safe to use for children. The product is also have CE certification. So, no worries we got all parts covered so the family can enjoy their time.

Protects your child's eyesight with no stress

Nowadays kids tend to spent a lot of time in front of phone, computer or tablet screen. Not only parent control tools could help to set a screen time limit but also the product screen protection as well. That's why HERO tablet have perfect screen brightness ratio for kids so the little ones eyes will be protected.

Drive your child experience in right way

The Parent control function on a tablet not only gives the opportunity to set screen time, locate your kid but also enables to set the right content for your kids. Parents can be stress-free about bad influences on their kids in the digital world.

Gift box HERO tablet Batman
Gift box Hero tablet Hogwarts
Gift box Hero tablet Hogwarts

Give your child the best tool for his activity

Going on a car trip? Flying on vacation? Or simply having Sunday afternoon in the park? Take the HERO tablet whatever you go. It is lightweight and perfect 7" size, so it fits in your bag or backpack.

Hero tablets protected from damage

Comes with 10 pre-installed official Warner Bros. design wallpapers

About this item

A joyful tool to have for your kid. 1.6 GHz Quad-core processor with Official Android 11GO and 2400 mAh battery is a well balanced tool for kids to watch videos, play games, use for education, scroll the internet, read and do much more fun activity's. The tablet have 2GB of RAM, internal memory of – 16GB and in any case you will need extra space you can put Micro SD (HC) up to 32 GB additional memory.


Use HERO tablet everywhere you want

Use HERO tablet everywhere you want with simple WIFI connection. No SIM card is needed. Plug in headphones through 3.5 mm audio jack port so you can listen to your favorite music, watch the movie or cartoon everywhere you want- on car ride, plane, outside and etc.

Child playing Hero tablet Hogwarts

Main points

  • Well-balanced configurations for kids
  • 10 pre-install Warner Bros. licensed wallpapers
  • Durable tablet silicone cover
  • CE certified & silicone save for kids to use
  • Perfect brightness ratio for eye protection
  • Lightweight and perfect size for small kids hands
  • Easy to carry on car, plane or in bag or backpack
  • Parental Control & Kids Safety
  • Licensed Android 10GO operation system
  • Full access to Google Play Store and other Google tools
  • WIFI connection
  • Front camera 2.0MP
  • 2400 mAh Battery
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Protective glass for hero tablet Hogwarts

Blue Light Filter

Filters harmful blue light and UV spectrum from digital screens which can cause insomnia, eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision, with children and teenagers particularly at risk.


Delivers maximum protection and visibility for the tablet screen by reducing reflections from both sunlight and artificial lighting.


Child-proof alternative for traditional tempered glass protector. Flexible and unbreakable - doesn't create dangerous shards.